Our impact

Highlights of 2021
On 27 September 2021 we were delighted to welcome the Mayor of Tonbridge & Malling to open our new dementia-friendly vintage 1950s Tearoom. Forged from the old, unloved and mostly unused day room, the tea room has all the appearance of a 1950s vintage tea room. We were entertained during the day by local musician Tom Carradine and fed and watered by the salvation army. The Mayor and Mayoress later enjoyed tea in the new tea room. Photos from the event are accessible here.
We also funded a walk in Tonbridge Racecourse Sportsground and purchased newspapers and flowers for the patients and refreshments for the staff.

Previous years

  • 2020      RITA tablets (Reminiscence Interactive Therapy) were provided for patients to have a digital means of remembering occurrences in the past. Also, physiotherapists were given a Motomed exercise bike while the League of Friends purchased a Garden gazebo and chairs for staff to meet during the Covid-19 pandemic. Blinds were also funded for the Conservatory.
  • 2019      £7000 was spent on many small items for the hospital.
  • 2018      A considerable sum was provided for physiotherapy equipment.
  • 2017      The LOF contributed to refurnishing the Day-Room on Goldsmid ward and the Conservatory, two Staff Rooms and the two Summerhouses, along with a camera for wound care. Purchase of newspapers and flowers for the patients and refreshments for staff.
  • 2016      New large oven purchased for the kitchen department and fans for patients in hot weather.
  • 2013      Provision of an exercise trainer for the stroke rehabilitation unit.
  • 2012      Purchase of a bariatric wheelchair and ECG ambulatory monitor.
  • 2011      Provision of a paved walkway on the front lawn and restoration of the rose garden, in memory of former Chairman Godfrey Horne; Also new televisions and radios for the 26 beds.
  • 2009      Purchase of electronic beds.
  • 2004-2008      Many minor items were purchased, including curtains, kitchen equipment, ceiling hoist, hoist slings, a bladder scanner, two infusion pumps,  syringe drivers and a defibrillator.
  • 2003      The Rapid Response team was helped with a device called Speechmaster to help deaf patients.
  • 2001-2002      Purchase of a new mini bus for the Day Hospital, along with podiatry department.
  • 1999-2000      The Bluebell Campaign started to raise £50,000 towards furnishings and equipment for a new wing of the Hospital, including 15 beds. In total £51,603 was raised in the appeal, with money was also found to buy an electric wheelchair.
  • 1998      Further work was done to refurbish the Day Hospital with help from Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council. Twelve  wheelchairs purchased.
  • 1997      Blinds for the conservatory.
  • 1996      Refurbishment of the day room and heating provided for the conservatory.
  • 1994      A new vending machine was paid for as well as two televisions for the two wards and furnishings for the new conservatory.
  • 1993      Purchase of an ultrasound for the physiotherapy department, along with garden equipment.
  • 1992      A third Pegasus Airwave Beds. All the single and double rooms were re-carpeted.
  • 1991      Purchase of two Pegasus Airwave Beds in 1991.
  • 1990      Over £10,000 spent equipping the new physiotherapy department.
  • 1988-1989      Various items bought and £3,724 spent in gifts to the Hospital.
  • 1987      An ambulance to transport patients to the Day Centre, with volunteers doing the driving.
  • 1986      A new car park, named after the late Sir Henry d’Avigdor Goldsmid.
  • 1984      Second hand ambulance for transport to the Day Centre plus a joint project with Tunbridge Wells Health Authority to provide a new sluice area.
    Sister Aileen Makey, chairman Jack Carter (right) and Peter Norton (center) handing over mini bus.
  • 1983      New curtains.
  • 1982      Kitchen equipment.
  • 1981      New X-Ray Processor and Ultrasonic Therapy Unit.
  • 1980      All windows replaced in the two wards.
  • 1979      Colour television sets were purchased for both wards.
  • 1978      A Day Centre was built, with the League paying for furnishings and moveable equipment.
  • 1977      Purchase of resuscitation equipment.
  • 1975      Purchased a Portable Autoclave for the Operating Theatre and 10 ‘Variable Height’ beds.
  • 1974      £1,500 was raised to modernise the four bathrooms in the Hospital.
  • 1973      New radio equipment provided throughout the Hospital.
  • 1972      Help was given to improve the facilities of the Operating Theatre and the provision of a recovery unit.
  • 1971      Purchase of bedside tables for the patients.
  • 1970      £1,500 donated to extend the X-Ray department and provide a new toilet by the day-room.
  • 1969-70      Televisions bought for the nurses and the patient's day room.
  • 1968      An Electrocardiogram was purchased.
  • 1967      A sitting room was provided for the private patient’s ward.
  • 1966      A canopy was provided over the Hospital entrance.
  • 1965      Establishment of the tradition of gifts for the patients at Christmas.
  • 1964      Money given towards a Doctor’s Room and Library.
  • 1961      Started the Hospital trolley service.
  • 1960      Organisation and purchase of a Day Room, along with television and radio facilities.
  • 1959      Purchase of a summerhouse.